One Light To Rule Them All - Nanlite Pavotube 6C

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Calling all media producers! Has the pandemic induced lockdown got you feeling like you’re in the dark? We’re here to bring you a little light. If you’re an avid photographer or a fierce video-maker and are on the hunt for a practical lighting solution, we’ve sourced an offer to help you produce irresistible digital art. Maximise your creativity and productivity with Nanlite Pavotube 6c- lighting equipment designed to transform your media-making experience at home during lockdown. 

A little background before we get underway:

The lighting company, whose inception began in 1992, specialises in LED lighting. Well known for the Forza LED series, during 2010 Nalite produced their first RGB product line called Pavotube, which came in the form of a 15C and 30C model. The only drawback was these products were expensive, warding off potential consumers. 

But in 2020 the company fought for producing a more affordable solution to close the gap in the current market and released the Pavotube 6C II. 

Key Features?

  • Only AUD 159

  • It comes with all the main functions found in the 15C and 30C models

  • Flexible mounting with the ¼-20 thread and magnets

  • It’s a lightweight device measuring 25cm long, only weighing 260 grams 

  • Practical for versatile small production purposes 

  • Easily accessible control panel for mode and brightness adjustments

  • Sufficient battery life with the possibility of on-the-go charging

  • Multiple modes for multiple uses

What to do with this media-making magician? 

  1. Perfect for product photography using your phone

  2. Create a dramatic virtual backdrop

  3. Bring home decoration to life 

You’ll get a bang for your buck, although keep in mind you may need a third-party device for wireless control and an additional selection button for better ergonomics. Enjoy! 

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