Behold A Superb Miniature Microphone For On-The-Go

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Investing in a top microphone is a no brainer. Sure, technology has sprouted mirrorless cameras and smartphones, generating quality video content. But what about when it comes to sound recording excellence you can execute anywhere at any time?

Mobile device microphones are limited to only capturing sound clarity from a close distance. It surely doesn’t beat professional microphone quality. Professional mics are bigger, use AA batteries and come with a fat price tag. Regardless of the obvious jump in recording quality, the market price of professional microphones is a deterrent.

Executing superior sound recording quality is the Rode Wireless Go. It's one of the smallest wireless microphones on the market. Surviving off Li-Po batteries is what makes it minuscule. Its condenser microphone offering high sensitivity, integrating an omnidirectional polar pattern system, means the sound is recorded from every direction. The result? High quality sounds that can be caught by simply securing the microphone on a talent’s shirt. No extra work required. Easy. 

You’ll get 2 wind shields with your Rodes microphone. Keep in mind, these little gadgets can get easily lost. You should consider using stickers to securely fix your shields on your microphone if you’re considering recording action scenes. 

You’ll enjoy the perks that come with the RX receiver, including the small LCD screen displaying user information. Track your battery life, signal strength, and manual gain function at a glance. 

And...we’ve saved the best feature, till last. You’ll love the hot shoe stick design on both transmitter and receiver. This feature enables easy mount access to any modern camera. 

So, folks, we’ve summed up the rewards of this superior invention:

  • It’s lightweight and portable

  • Offers outstanding sound quality

  • Has sufficient battery life with the possibility of on-the-go charging and 4-6 hours recording life

  • And it's great value for money (only $289)

For this price range, we don’t think anything needs improving.

So whether you’re a vlogger, or budding filmmaker, go and get your Rode and make some noise. 

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