How To Transform Your Filming Production Game In Minutes

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Are you looking for an affordable and easier wireless monitoring solution that doesn’t require an RS unit or monitor? We all know video wireless transmission isn’t novel anymore in the production industry. Wireless video transmission is commonly shouted about within almost every professional video production agency. The director has their own director monitor to check/control the ending result during the filming process. You get the drill. But what about a system that doesn’t lead you down a $4000 investment rabbit hole, as well as finding a good monitor to receive video signals? That’s where we come in.

Come 2020, and Hollyland released the Hollyland Mars X- a product that changes this expensive method forever. Customers are now able to receive high quality but at a much more affordable price. The only downside is the 2-hour battery life, which can be circumvented through being technologically organised. Bring your chargers everywhere! 

The perks of the marvellous Mars X include:

  • Simple application. Only one transmitter in the package needed by a phone or tablet, which acts as a receiver monitor, connecting through to the Hollyland application

  • Maximise your phone or tablet investment, as display technology on phones/tablets are set to become even more superior for the future

  • Easy to set up: you only need to connect the Mars X to your camera through a HDMI port, then the video signal will be transmitted to your phone/tablet application by using an external wifi signal

  • LED display clearly shows battery and signal strength 

  • It’s lightweight and compact

  • Experience flexible mounting with the ¼-20 thread and magnets

  • It’s well built - mostly aluminium

  • Great value for money (AUD $99)

  • Device Casting

Get on board, be part of a rapidly changing market, and make your digital experience affordable and exciting. 

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